About -1

Accounting Solutions SA began its journey in 2000 to become today one of the largest companies in Greece in terms of size, clientele and expertise in the field of providing financial, accounting, tax and consulting services as well as integrated payroll management services.

Our executives - accountants, lawyers and tax advisors - have vast experience and a high level of expertise. We offer services that cover a wide range of business activities in the most effective way, substantially contributing to the further development of our clients.

Our offices are located in a modern, privately owned building with state of the art and technically sound infrastructure. We operate in accordance with the highest standards of confidentiality, data management and information processing and possess top relevant international certifications.

As such, we are trusted by some of the largest companies of both the public and private sector as well as by several small and medium-sized businesses operating in Greece as well as non- profit institutions, embassies and cultural organization.

About -3

We are proud of our values forged in our people and reflected in the relationship with our clients:

  • Making business together – We work with you on a daily basis providing top quality services. We are the trusted partner you can rely on, anytime, for any need. Our advantage stems from the vast knowledge and experience of our people, allowing them to face any challenge in the most effective way.
  • Making business efficient - We choose and propose the most suitable solutions according to the needs of your company, ensuring maximum efficiency. We use the most up-to-date tools (software, hardware, methodologies, ISO, communications) in the best possible way to meet your needs.
  • Making business grow – We support the growth of your business through specialized financial proposals that create added value for you and your clients. We are a trusted and committed partner aiming at continuously improving your company’s performance and growth.
  • Making business better – We are committed to providing high quality services, according to the highest standards of confidentiality and data management that significantly contribute to the optimization of your business. We effectively cover every need in the present and provide for the challenges of the future, ensuring that you are constantly ahead of the curve.