Our People

We are a large team of over 120 experienced auditors, accountants, lawyers and tax advisors. We are able to provide our customers with high quality services, due to our excellent know-how and long working experience in large international auditing and accounting companies.

Our People at a glance



Working with us

We offer our executives continuous training. Every year we carry out 1900 hours of training in accounting, financial and tax, in a structured development plan, so that all our employees remain in par with the latest developments in their fields.

We operate strictly on merit, assessing our employees at regular, timely intervals, based on a specific methodology. Each executive has the opportunity to be promoted within the existing corporate hierarchy, depending on his qualifications and skills.

We are looking for people who, in addition to formal qualifications, are distinguished for their integrity, culture, sharp perception & talent for proposing practical solutions and the ability to set and achieve realistic goals. Offering to them the right environment, continuous support and adequate remuneration is our responsibility.

If you would like to join the Accounting Solutions team, please contact Ms. Evi Zampira.