Fundamental principle of the company “ACCOUNTING SOLUTIONS” is the provision of high levels of services, depending on the needs of its clients, respecting at the same time the confidentiality of the data we manage.

Our VISION is our company to be synonymous with the high quality of accounting, tax, consulting, payroll services and support of middle level companies, becoming the first choice of the customer.

The activities of “ACCOUNTING SOLUTIONS”, which are included in the scope of the Quality Management System, are:

  • Provision of Accounting, Tax, Consulting and Payroll Services & HR Services and Support of Middle Level Companies: Bookkeeping, accounting supervision, organize / simplification of accounting systems, international financial reporting standards (IFRS), planning and presentation of financial reports, preparation and submission of tax returns (income VAT, withholding taxes), mergers, secessions, splits and liquidations, data processing for payroll calculation, issue of accounting article, file sending to the bank for deposit to the personal accounts of the employees, reporting, contact with public authorities, tax return, issue salary certification, preparation and submission of interim and final statement of tax, tax and labor issues , tax planning in case of succession of the businessman, sale business, industry succession, merge or break, tax consulting, advice on corporate matters, transfer pricing, improve business performance, financial advice, property management.

Our STRATEGY ensures, organizes and improves continuously our services, in order to satisfy our customers through:

  • The information of all legal requirements and regulatory that we need to obey
  • The continuous improvement and upgrade of our peoples’ technical knowledge
  • The communication with our customers in order to improve our services depending on their needs
  • The confidentiality and security of the data we manage
  • The commitment of the provision of all necessary data for the maintenance and the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015.

Follow our strategy we are committed to the following TARGETS:

  • Continuous improvement of our customer satisfaction
  • Minimize customers’ complaints
  • Productivity and competitiveness improvement
  • Continuous employees’ training
  • Continuous improvement on the procedures of the Quality Management System.