Tax Services

Tax advisors, accountants and lawyers in our tax department provide a broad range of services to meet every need of your business, with responsibility, absolute confidentiality and at a reasonable cost:

Tax Advice

  • Advice on any tax issue
  • Tax filings – Corporate and Individual Tax Returns
  • Tax Planning and Tax Strategy
  • Expense deductibility
  • Regulatory compliance (Greek Accounting Standards)
  • Double Tax Treaties

Tax Audits

  • Support services during tax audits
  • Administrative out-of-court appeals
  • Pre-emptive preparation in anticipation of tax audits

VAT Support Services

  • VAT Fiscal Representation Services to foreign companies without permanent establishment in Greece
  • VAT Refund claims
  • VAT optimization
  • Advice on intra-community transactions (triangular transactions, distant sales etc.)
  • General advice on VAT compliance (exemptions, pro-rata, VAT assets settlement etc.)
  • Compliance review

Advice on Corporate and Commercial Issues

  • Company formation
  • Contract preparation and review
  • Corporate structure/selection of corporate legal type
  • Corporate restructuring, mergers, spin-offs and acquisitions
  • Royalties, know-how agreements

Diagnostic Tax Reviews

  • Pre-emptive identification of exposure to potential tax risks and advice on appropriate risk minimization strategies
  • Evaluation of potential tax burden

 Real Estate

  • Preparation and filing of property tax returns
  • Assistance with procedures towards the Greek National Land Registry

Tax Representation

  • Tax Representation for VAT issues and/or withholding taxes
  • Tax Representation of insurance companies not established in Greece

For more information
please contact:

Partner of Accounting Solutions, Tax Director

Stavros Petridisoglou is a Certified Public Accountant and specializes in accounting standards and tax audits, participating in the statutory audits where he contributes in the fields of taxation. He has significant experience in the provision of financial, accounting and tax services, in the organization/supervision of accounting departments, in business restructuring and in corporate transformations (spin-offs, mergers, conversions etc.).

He has worked in Alpha Bank and for more than 16 years in PwC, the last 5 of which as Director/Principal of the Tax Department.

He is a seminar leader in VAT training sessions approved by the Manpower Employment Organization of Greece (OAED) and a holder of the First-Class Accountant Tax Consultant license.

He is a graduate of the Athens University of Economics and Business with postgraduate diplomas from the tax departments of ELKEPA and of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Greece.